Friday, 16 June 2017

Speech text for final exam

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Let us together pray our praise and gratitude to the presence of Allah SWT because of their blessings and gifts we can all gather in good health this sunny day.

In maintaining the cleanliness of the environment then we must know in advance what is the meaning of environmental hygiene. The real meaning of environmental hygiene is a situation where the environment is suitable for human beings, where the state of human health can be maintained physically .. So we must maintain the cleanliness of the environment in order to create a decent and prosperous life.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Trash is the most problem in this day is plastic waste, this is because of the amount of plastic waste is very much and very often used in everyday life. In addition, plastic waste is very difficult to decipher naturally. If it can, it takes a very long time, can be hundreds to thousands of years.
 In the International world, there is a program to cope with plastic waste called 4R, namely Replace, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Replace means to replace a plastic object with other materials such as metal. Reduce means reducing the use of plastic articles to reduce waste. Recycle means to recycle plastic waste into something more useful. Reuse means reusing plastic waste recyclables.
All of these programs will be of no use, if there is no concern from each individual to keep his environment from plastic waste. Individuals who care about the environment will create a good generation and give inheritance for the next generation.

Generations who care about the environment do not just appear, they emerge from the education they get in school, in the family and in the community. That's why education is so important about the importance of protecting the environment provided by parents, teachers and society. Maintaining the environment can be done with simple things like throwing garbage in place, picking up small garbage scattered on the ground or by reducing its use in daily life.
In closing I quote the saying that cleanliness is part of faith so if one does not care about cleanliness then he is not really a full believer. In the future I also hope we as human beings can be even more active in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment.
A lot of speeches from me, more or less I apologize..

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Friday, 12 May 2017

On Tuesday 9th May, 2017, I and my classmates visited the educational exhibition at the tanjungpura university auditorium, an educational exhibition held to commemorate the 58 th Anniversary. The educational exhibition was held from 8 to 10 May 2017.

Like this atmosphere in the education expo,
not too crowded because I went there first time expo new open hihi, but over time this expo is crowded visited by students from various faculties
In some booths I visited I was informed as follows :

1. Forestry Faculty
There they exhibit Dayak musical instruments, bracelets from tree roots, animal preservation and others associated with forests (herbaria and insektium).
2. American Corner UNTAN
At the amcor stand is available where we capture the moment, also provided a coboy hat as his property There are many interesting things, especially the collection related to the United States. There are many books related to the American language. Amcor also provides games, and for anyone who posts photos on Instagram by marking Amcor Untan will get souvenirs.

3. Menwa Unit 601 University Tanjungpura Pontianak
There they show many collections that they use while on duty outside the field,
there are equipment such as helmets, PDL shoes and uniforms, there are also various awards they achieve.
FKIP UNTAN's booth is divided into historical, chemical and biological education. The booth of historical education in it there are photographs of an interesting fighter of kalbar I see there is a miniature of prambanan temple made of paper.
Then there is a chemical booth that provides blood type checks and color blind tests, the biological part there is the preservation of plants and animals.
5. UPT Language
Then there is the UPT Language Unit which showcases books related to TOEFL training, various foreign language books, language books, japanese books, english books etc. 
The most interesting in my opinion is the robot that can move only by the sound of a tap There I also find many animals and plants that are preserved one example is mice and starfish and then there are also flowers made of soap that they themselves.

7. Studio Data Untan statistics
The last one I visited the Studio data booth they offer photo studio services. If you want photo studio only pay Rp.5000, - for five times photos.
I was with friends also interested to take pictures there, because the place is unique and colorful.

That's all I can say, essentially I am very happy to visit the educational expo, in addition to be happy because of his refresing also to his knowledge until see you again guys..

My Future Business

Food business is one of the fastest growing businesses now. Not only in big cities in Indonesia, but also in small towns, especially pontianak. It is undeniable that eating is a primary need for human beings, therefore humans can never be separated from places that serve food that suits their needs.

Lately more cafes and restaurants and even small restaurants that have sprung up offering their advantages. The advantages can be the concept of place, food menu, and others. Various types of food have also been offered by restaurants in the city of Pontianak, with a variety of menu and flavors.

Not just restaurants that think about the quality of the food that will be cooked and served to consumers. Almost no restaurant that ensures and shows clearly where the origin and food that is served to consumers. I think this is very important because cosnumen not only peru given a variety of great food menu with various flavors. But consumers should also be given clear information and great service about the food they will eat. .

Therefore, I began to think that this business is very suitable to be cultivated in the coming era, I will carry the nuance of eating places with Malay chisels, the goal is as an effort to preserve the Malay heritage that is not found in the city of Pontianak even though the majority of the population is Malay.

Smart Saprahan is a suitable name for this business because in addition to creating the preservation of the typical way of eating Malay also create interest in reading the consumer or the community can also create facilities for people to gain knowledge through educational books provided in this smart saprahan such as providing books to visitors to Read while waiting for the food to come, or put the book closer to the table so that visitors can easily see and reach the books.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

How to make a Fruit Soup

Not soon the fasting month will soon arrive, not even a matter of months of friends. The freshest dish that first appeared in this pontianak city could be an interesting appetizer for the fast. The fresh flavors of the sweet sauce made of ice, vanilla syrup, and sweetened condensed milk blend with the fresh and sour fruits. Certainly can restore your weakness after a day of fasting. The time needed to prepare this fruit soup recipe is very short, so it will not be troublesome in preparing it. It only takes about 15 minutes to prepare a 5 cup fruit soup. Very practical for those of you who do not have much time to prepare breaking the fast.
To get a delicious fruit soup, use fresh fruits. Because this dish is not processed using the heat of fire, then you should all wash your fruit until it is completely clean, so it is free from germs and pesticide residue. Also make sure to use ice cubes that you prepare yourself at home, because the ice cubes sold on the market are often poorly maintained.
Fruit Sop menu is suitable to be an option for the menu of fasting drinks, ice in which there are various kinds of fruits seems to have been very popular among the people of Indonesia, because it is very easy to get, many sold on the side of the road or at home, usually served at the time Specials such as dishes in the month of fasting, Here is a recipe to make healthy drinks because it contains various vitamins contained in the fruit, consider the following recipes.

Material :
         100 grams of melon
         100 grams of papaya
         100 grams of grape
         100 grams of mango
         100 grams of apples
         add your favorite fruit if any.
         500 grams of shaved ice
         1 liter of water
·         1 pack of nata de coco
         1 pack of cheddar cheese
         5 tablespoons vanilla syrup
         100 ml of sweetened white condensed milk

  • ·         Knife
  • ·         Cutting board
  • ·         The cheese-solvent

How to make :
1.      First, Prepare a bowl.
2.      Second, put melon, apple, mango, papaya, watermelon, grape and natadecoco in the bowl that had been cut earlier.
3.      Third, Mix water, sweetened condensed milk and syrup so one in a separate place. Stir well. Pour in a bowl filled with fruit.
4.      Finally Give ice cubes and vanilla syrup, can also be added with cheese shavings if you like, then serve immediately, Fruit Soup ready ..

Friday, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

At his young age, recorded achievements have been achieved ArangLimbung man born 19 years ago, men with calls this dekti, has achieved many accomplishments, both clubs and individuals.
Tri Indra is one of the futsal and soccer players mainstay of West Kalimantan.
interrupted his busy lecture, Tri Indrawan taking the time to interview me. Excerpts:

How do you originally liked soccer and futsal? why did you choose football and futsal?
"Initially I chose futsal / soccer for following my brother, my brother often invited me to see the game, so I became interested after seeing the end I like soccer / futsal, besides that I also follow the natural talent of my father".

Since when you became interested in soccer and futsal?
"I've been fascinated by this sport around the age of 10 years, when I was in elementary school".

Whether this is your ideals of a minor?
"Since childhood I love sports but my goal is not to become an athlete , but as time went on I was finally able to be an athlete because my hobby. Why not, the hobby can make money, let alone to represent West Kalimantan. It was a pride in itself for me, but to be an athlete is not forever, because the age is increasing ".

When did you start seriously practicing Football and Futsal?
"I started serious training since the 7th grade junior high school when I was 15 years old at the club Kuburaya. Initially my father that I find a football club ".

How important are sports (football and futsal) to you?
"For me the sport is very important for life. Not only football / futsal but for now this is football and futsal has become part of my life ".

Do parents / family support you when you want to know seriously in this sport?
"My parents had been supportive from the beginning since they know my talent, thanks to the prayer of parents prayer is best for their children, until I followed the national championship game in Malang the first time for the national selection, my entire family was providing direct support spaciousness".

What do you think about football and futsal have much demand? How can it be like that?
"This time the sport of football / futsal much demand, and it was very good because every area there must be individual clubs to compete with each other, so that it can provide a nice generations. Every year In other words there is no regeneration for soccer / futsal in Indonesia, so that Indonesia can establish early childhood development from junior to senior ".

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a futsal soccer with your opinion?
"The football we played in an outdoor field in futsal if we play in the indoor, so if the rain was not a problem and does not overheat as well. In our futsal more physically demanding because there is no position in futsal, all players must keep moving and rotating. While football has the position of each player and can in football sliding and body contact, whereas in indoor soccer and futsal no more at risk of injury, because the playing surface rather violent than football ".

Do you aspire to become a coach in the future?
"I aspire as a coach, and from this moment I practice in order to become a professional coach".

What are your hopes for the world of soccer and futsal in Indonesia?
"I hope that the Indonesian football can be advanced again as in other countries, and for his athletes do not just rely on just being a soccer player, there must be other skills or jobs that promise for the future".

That excerpt of my interview with Tri Indra, one of the mainstays Kuburaya athletes, may be a motivation to all my friends for always work

See u again guys..

In my post this time will tell about the events that I experienced on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 and then in the morning before the English courses begin our economy going to come to AMCOR, it AMCOR being used. and Eva immediately contacted miss Dini early to tell about it and eventually study English language economic times using the room British Culture and Learning Center (BCLC), well of course I had first entered the venue, where it is a theater that is normally used by FKIP student English Education. in this lecture miss Early give reading assignments, understanding the meaning of a story book is free and can find the conclusion of a story book that obtained before Miss Dini also shared strategic places to easily find a children's book after Miss Dini told us to get out looking for a book, suddenly everything immediately swarmed areas Then, finally I found the children's story book entitled Pinocchio, in the book Pinocchio moral values that I can take is :
  1.      The moral of this story is the Pinocchio e are taught not to lie in order to become a better    
    person and obedient to parents
  2.      The conclusion was that we should not lie because lying even difficult for us and the feeling of being unsettled

Friday, 31 March 2017

I Can Not Imagine Life Without Socializing

I think socialization can be said that a human being with human recognition processes which  to understand each other, help, share information and get to know one individual with another individual. The socialization process is very important for human life because of the socialization process lasts throughout life and since humans are social creatures, creatures who can not live without others, who really need friends, need help, requiring familiarity, requiring communication and interaction with people in need others.We socialize with anyone not to be with the people we already know. Socializing is very useful for people in everyday life, we can have many friends and can mutually learn about the character and personality of each of us, with socializing we can form our personality.
The human personality is always influenced by the environment group Socializing can be done anywhere as in our residential neighborhood, school or campus environment, office environment and the general environment. With the socialization with other people in these environments could create a unity that cooperate in doing something. So I think socialization is important because it can strengthen our relationship with others and are able to acquire a knowledge of society to another. If people do not socialize with each other so he can not know from one society to the other two, it can not interact well and will be hard to establish a relationship with the surrounding communities that make people difficult to accept in its environment, science would be difficult to get without any the socialization makes people difficult to develop.
We are social beings certainly need people around to encourage and provide a wide range of motivations so that we can achieve the ideals and go further. I need people to cheer when I fall, propped up so that I can stand up again, and are honored at me when I reached the top of expectations, desires, and success. So, I can not live without socializing I can not imagine without socialization and others, I would be what? Present like what? Present for what? Breathing for the sake of what? Or want to do?