Friday, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

At his young age, recorded achievements have been achieved ArangLimbung man born 19 years ago, men with calls this dekti, has achieved many accomplishments, both clubs and individuals.
Tri Indra is one of the futsal and soccer players mainstay of West Kalimantan.
interrupted his busy lecture, Tri Indrawan taking the time to interview me. Excerpts:

How do you originally liked soccer and futsal? why did you choose football and futsal?
"Initially I chose futsal / soccer for following my brother, my brother often invited me to see the game, so I became interested after seeing the end I like soccer / futsal, besides that I also follow the natural talent of my father".

Since when you became interested in soccer and futsal?
"I've been fascinated by this sport around the age of 10 years, when I was in elementary school".

Whether this is your ideals of a minor?
"Since childhood I love sports but my goal is not to become an athlete , but as time went on I was finally able to be an athlete because my hobby. Why not, the hobby can make money, let alone to represent West Kalimantan. It was a pride in itself for me, but to be an athlete is not forever, because the age is increasing ".

When did you start seriously practicing Football and Futsal?
"I started serious training since the 7th grade junior high school when I was 15 years old at the club Kuburaya. Initially my father that I find a football club ".

How important are sports (football and futsal) to you?
"For me the sport is very important for life. Not only football / futsal but for now this is football and futsal has become part of my life ".

Do parents / family support you when you want to know seriously in this sport?
"My parents had been supportive from the beginning since they know my talent, thanks to the prayer of parents prayer is best for their children, until I followed the national championship game in Malang the first time for the national selection, my entire family was providing direct support spaciousness".

What do you think about football and futsal have much demand? How can it be like that?
"This time the sport of football / futsal much demand, and it was very good because every area there must be individual clubs to compete with each other, so that it can provide a nice generations. Every year In other words there is no regeneration for soccer / futsal in Indonesia, so that Indonesia can establish early childhood development from junior to senior ".

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a futsal soccer with your opinion?
"The football we played in an outdoor field in futsal if we play in the indoor, so if the rain was not a problem and does not overheat as well. In our futsal more physically demanding because there is no position in futsal, all players must keep moving and rotating. While football has the position of each player and can in football sliding and body contact, whereas in indoor soccer and futsal no more at risk of injury, because the playing surface rather violent than football ".

Do you aspire to become a coach in the future?
"I aspire as a coach, and from this moment I practice in order to become a professional coach".

What are your hopes for the world of soccer and futsal in Indonesia?
"I hope that the Indonesian football can be advanced again as in other countries, and for his athletes do not just rely on just being a soccer player, there must be other skills or jobs that promise for the future".

That excerpt of my interview with Tri Indra, one of the mainstays Kuburaya athletes, may be a motivation to all my friends for always work

See u again guys..

In my post this time will tell about the events that I experienced on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 and then in the morning before the English courses begin our economy going to come to AMCOR, it AMCOR being used. and Eva immediately contacted miss Dini early to tell about it and eventually study English language economic times using the room British Culture and Learning Center (BCLC), well of course I had first entered the venue, where it is a theater that is normally used by FKIP student English Education. in this lecture miss Early give reading assignments, understanding the meaning of a story book is free and can find the conclusion of a story book that obtained before Miss Dini also shared strategic places to easily find a children's book after Miss Dini told us to get out looking for a book, suddenly everything immediately swarmed areas Then, finally I found the children's story book entitled Pinocchio, in the book Pinocchio moral values that I can take is :
  1.      The moral of this story is the Pinocchio e are taught not to lie in order to become a better    
    person and obedient to parents
  2.      The conclusion was that we should not lie because lying even difficult for us and the feeling of being unsettled

Friday, 31 March 2017

I Can Not Imagine Life Without Socializing

I think socialization can be said that a human being with human recognition processes which  to understand each other, help, share information and get to know one individual with another individual. The socialization process is very important for human life because of the socialization process lasts throughout life and since humans are social creatures, creatures who can not live without others, who really need friends, need help, requiring familiarity, requiring communication and interaction with people in need others.We socialize with anyone not to be with the people we already know. Socializing is very useful for people in everyday life, we can have many friends and can mutually learn about the character and personality of each of us, with socializing we can form our personality.
The human personality is always influenced by the environment group Socializing can be done anywhere as in our residential neighborhood, school or campus environment, office environment and the general environment. With the socialization with other people in these environments could create a unity that cooperate in doing something. So I think socialization is important because it can strengthen our relationship with others and are able to acquire a knowledge of society to another. If people do not socialize with each other so he can not know from one society to the other two, it can not interact well and will be hard to establish a relationship with the surrounding communities that make people difficult to accept in its environment, science would be difficult to get without any the socialization makes people difficult to develop.
We are social beings certainly need people around to encourage and provide a wide range of motivations so that we can achieve the ideals and go further. I need people to cheer when I fall, propped up so that I can stand up again, and are honored at me when I reached the top of expectations, desires, and success. So, I can not live without socializing I can not imagine without socialization and others, I would be what? Present like what? Present for what? Breathing for the sake of what? Or want to do?

Friday, 17 March 2017

My Skills

Hello Everybody ...
This time I'll tell about My Skills, namely in terms of cooking. I think that cooking is the best hobby to have, because it can be very useful in life. Cooking is a hobby of my old, I started to learn to cook from a range of ten year, cooking is something I inherited from my mother, when I practice I learn to cook the recipe mother, and unexpectedly delicious taste immediately. since I so love to the kitchen, cook whatever I want. Cooking for me is an activity that is fun that can give rise to the idea of ​​innovation and creativity are more important made me free from stress, for example when I cook I have little time to think, because the cooking challenged my mind to always think so that it can free the mind I am of the stress caused by the daily routine. There are so many reasons why I love cooking, cooking is one of the things that just come naturally, but when the skill or talent enhanced cooking can be fun or even a hobby. Cooking takes time and skill, cooking can not be done in a hurry To improve cooking skills, I read many books and always tried. Which obviously must be mastered basic dishes, the rest live exploration. Alhamdulillah.. my cooking skills are now increasing, if first I just liked or could make a light meal. Now I can cook side dishes and vegetables daily. if the first could only fried eggs and soup now I can cook rice kebuli, stew, rendang, and various kinds of vegetables.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My Group :
Jessy Septia Ningsih 
Firnanda Ariska       

On  February, 28th  2017 our class got the task group from Miss Dini.

The Question is :
1. Why have you chosen the profession of an economist?
2. Would you like to work for a company, teach economic disciplines at university or operate your own economic business?
3. Do you think you have entrepreneurial flair or talent? What traits is a succeful businessman supposed to possess?

Answer from our group  :

1.      Economic Education has the scope of employment opportunities are very wide. many occupations that will be acted upon exiting a degree can not only be teachers of course but we also can work in the Bank, into marketing or become accountants, economists, businessman, civil servants, or lecturers are all conceived in economic education to become secretary was also there from the graduates of this department. Because economics is arguably flexible. In addition to employment opportunities to be gained from studying Economics education, the cost required to complete these studies are not as expensive as when a student majored in medicine or other costly laboratory practice. Maybe that's why we chose to go with a major in economics education

2.      Yes of course, I want to work at the company for work in the company is their future goals I, by working in a company we can learn a lot from how to manage time to be professional, but hamdai and firnanda prefer to be a businessman because he thinks with businesses we can create in addition to employment opportunities are not bound by the rules of the company, the money generated could be many times not even limited than people who work for a company.

3.      Yes we have the talent to be an entrepreneur, but according to our point of view of an entrepreneur was not born, but trained, The challenge is an opportunity for success. a successful entrepreneurs like a challenge. They continue to learn from the challenge of getting the most out of the best. With so progress for the sake of progress was achieved. Then have ambition and a strong confidence to fight mental collapse when in an entrepreneurial side that acted crash. Businessman never stop learning from various sources, anywhere, anytime. Confidence is a prerequisite for success.

Profession of An Economist

My group : 
1. Jessy Septia Ningsih
2. Arismon Rusjaya Meliala
3. Firnanda Ariska
4. Isma Dewi 

On March, 7th 2017 our class got group assigment from Ms. Dini. The assigment about Profession of an Economist, and the answer from our group : 

Reading (Vocabulary) 
Tenaga kerja
Ramalan Cuaca
Telah diperhitungkan
Fringe benefits
Mengambil resiko

Exercise 1 
1. Check
2. Control
3. Monitor
4. Control
5. Monitor      

Exercise 2 

Paragraph & Line
Costs:   P. 1 L. 6

Meaning : Expenses, outlay
Monitor : P. 3 L. 2

Meaning : Control, manage

Flair : P. 4 L. 5

Meaning : Skill, talent, inclination
Entrepreneur : P. 4 L. 3

Meaning : Employer
Forecast :  P. 3 L. 1

Meaning : Prediction
Provide : P. 2 L. 4

Meaning : Supply, equip, outfit
Job-setting :  P. 2 L. 1

Meaning : Place of work
Liable : Nothing in paragraph

Meaning : Responsible

Exercise 3 

1. Qualify means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur

2. An Entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals.
3. A Liable; tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful
4. The industry will have to pass its increased Costs on to the consumer
5. The management will Provide accommodation, food and drink for thirty people
6. He has always been Self-employed for childre
7. The Consumption of the job include a car and free health insurance
8. He won’t Qualify as an economist until next year
9. An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial Flair or talent
10.Unfortunately Distribution of higher profits did not come true
11.Economists are concerned with the production, Benefits and fringe benefits

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Why I Continue My Study to University Level ?

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb

Introduce, my name is Jessy Septia Ningsih,
I was the second of two brothers. I was born 18 years ago, precisely on September 27th, 1998 from a simple family, but it is very incredible for me. My mother came from Java and my father Chinese descent, but was born in the city of Pontianak. Why can I be born in Pontianak? šŸ˜ That's because my parents moved to work initially in Jogja migrants to pontianak. From kindergarten to high school even today both my parents very important role as a motivating me to always study hard and contin
Of the biggest factors encouragement for me is the family. Because the family is the place where I first learned a valuable lesson, Because the family is the place where I first gained a valuable lesson. How do I talk, walk, until I became what it is because of my family affection also be a strong person in life despite the various obstacles waiting at the front, so that in the future I can improve the quality of life to be better than ever. To make parents happy is the biggest factor for me because every parent wants to see their children educated are much higher than they once were.
Ambition is the most perfect motivation to help me reach my dreams if successful later, the ideals I want to be educators who not only teach and science alone, but also educates the character. At this time, high school graduates is totally meaningless if we do not continue to pursue a higher school again, increasing competition, so to get a job as well of course, we are confronted with so many competitors.why I chose to continue to pursue college studies at the University of Tanjungpura course to improve the quality and standard of living that is more glorious future .

For the end of story..

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb